According to statistics, in 2012–2016, almost 2/3 of Ukrainian labor migrants are illegally employed, have no access to basic social standards, are disenfranchised and falsified. Fraudulent schemes have devastating impact on the labor market of countries where illegal workers work, raising the level of the shadow economy and weakening the position of legality.


LLC "International Recruitment Company" Work Abroad" aims to avoid the risks of violating the rights of Ukrainians, to create transparent conditions for a social contract between an employee and an employer  with a help of 100% official employment.


LLC "IRK" Work Abroad" was founded by the Ukrainian Trade Union in 2017. Our task is to make the process of temporary employment of a Ukrainian specialist abroad available and safe in order to preserve skilled personnel for Ukraine during the period of economic crisis and shortage of workplaces.

The policy of "Work Abroad" is based on such principles:

Retaining qualifications

Employment of Ukrainian specialists abroad is one of the methods of temporary settlement of a situation where employees are forced to go on unpaid leave, there are reductions and accumulated wage arrears. If foreign work is not only profitable, but also beneficial for professional growth, IRС "Work abroad" offers candidates official work in the specialized specialty. This allows you to maintain and develop skills and qualifications.


Saving trade union membership

For workers who go to work abroad through the IRС "Work abroad", membership in a trade union is maintained, and hence trade union protection. In particular, thanks to cooperation with international trade unions.


Protection of the rights and freedoms of the employee

We offer exclusively official employment. Taking into account the spread of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labor exploitation, employment with a foreign country should be treated with particular attention. To agree to such work is possible only under the condition of official employment and through proven recruitment agencies licensed in accordance with the rules of the current legislation. It should be noted that IRC "Work abroad" received permission to conduct economic activities on mediation in employment abroad in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine dated August 18, 2017, No. 1341.


IRC "Work abroad" carefully checks and selects foreign employers for cooperation and continues to protect Ukrainians after their employment.

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